Friday, January 21, 2011

Fritty Friday

A new feature - Fritty Fridays! This won't be as regular as Murrini Mondays, but I do plan on having fun with frit every once in a while here - so look for it on Fridays.

I been using frit more and more on my beads. Frit is crushed or broken glass that you can apply to your beads for color and design. You can make your own by super heating your glass and then plunging it into cold water, causing it to break into pieces. Or you can can buy. I like option 2. Lately I like buying frit a lot.

The frit I used for this turtle is from Lori and Kim, my murrini dealers. That's right, if you didn't already know, they've expanded into the frit industry. This blend (this is why I love to buy frit - the artists who make it create the coolest blends!) is called Sweetheart, and Lori and Kim made it to match their Sweetheart murrini. For this turtle, I took a light blue bead and heated it up, then rolled it in the frit blend and melted it in. Then I encased the whole thing in clear for a somewhat magnifying effect. I love this blend! The colors are right up my alley.

Here is the same blend on a pink heart balloon bead. This bead is not encased, so the frit is right up on the surface. Doesn't the green look like textured paint?

This fritty kitty doesn't really look fritty now, does she? I rolled this white kitty in one of my most recent fabulous fritty purchases - glow frit. It's from GlowJoe, and it's actually pink. I bought the small size - which refers to the size of the frit. I like my frit pieces fairly small because my beads are also small. GlowJoe offers three sizes - it's good to have choices.

And here is the best part about glow frit - Fritty Kitty glows in the dark! I am thrilled with how this bead turned out, and I especially love the picture (my husband took) because you can see the silhouette of the kitty glowing in the dark. If you haven't tried glow frit yet, I highly recommend it! You can add a whole different dimension and appeal to your beads by sprinkling a little bit of this glowing fairy dust on them. Super fun!

This owl bead is wearing raku frit feathers. Raku frit was one of the first frits I bought. I love it for owl beads - it has so many different colors swirling around in it.


  1. Oh, I'm a self confessed frit addict! Love the glow frit. Raku is a long time fave. And... the aventurine in the sweetheart blend...OHHH!

    I love to mix my own too in COE 90 (for me, don't sell). I have one called blue jeans and one green mix where I use the aventurine. I love to use that for the core of a big floral... The sparkle is amazing under all the layers of glass!

  2. I love your beads Lauren but glow in the dark fritty kitty is partcularly wonderful.

  3. They are all frit-tastic Lauren! I LOVE the glow kitty!