Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Training

I know I didn't have a training post last week, and that was just pure laziness on my part. But I haven't been lazy when it comes to training. I've kept my runs at around 3 miles, and even had one 4-mile run last week. I felt pretty good during and after, so I think I'm progressing at a good pace. The key has been the rest days. I did my 4-mile run after a rest day, and I don't think I could (or should) have done it after another day of running. I also started lifting weights last week. I really need to tone up all over, so strength training is a must.

My son started his training last week, too. He's more of a natural runner than I am, so he's already doing 3-mile runs. Sheesh. So far so good for him.

This week I hope to continue to progress, and I'd like to make my long run at the end of the week a 5-miler. I can do it. :)

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