Friday, January 28, 2011

Art at Work ~ Lampwork Headpins

Have you ever seen headpins like these before? They are lampwork headpins, but don't they look like pretty little balloons? My glassy friend Mallory made them, and I think they are so much fun! In fact, I own the set pictured above. I bought them a few months ago. Each one is unique, just like lampwork beads. Until recently, I've used them as props for my bead pictures. But the other day I made a small bead set that just happened to match one of the headpins perfectly. So I strung them on and added some silver findings and some crystals, and voila:

Doesn't the headpin just make the piece? I haven't finished the wire-wrapping yet, but I'm thinking I'll just finish it off and it will be a long pendant. My 7-year-old daughter saw it on my work table and was saying how pretty it looked. So I held it up to about where I'd wear it and I asked her if she thought it would look nice on me. And she says "Yes, but not with that shirt."

This headpin set is called Poker Face. There are enough for five pairs of earrings.

I love this set of Freeform Leaves headpins. It would add something completely unique to your jewelry designs.

More of Mallory's headpin can be found in her shop, rosebud101, in the HEADPINS/SUPPLIES section.


  1. Lauren, thanks so much for the featuring my headpins! You are a sweetie!

  2. I like those, they are fantastic. Daughters are fab aren't they? Mine just looks at me with that 'incredible' look and says, 'you are going out like that?'...'that' being hat, gloves, big thick slightly 'doggy' dog walking coat with pockets stuffed with poop bags, biscuits and emergency ball. How else would you go out? High heels and short skirt?? Actually, she probably would, just not with the dog! Off to look at those head pins...gorgeous. Lx