Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Hole Beads

I'm getting more and more comfortable making beads on the thick mandrel that makes the large hole and allows the beads to fit pandora, troll and biagi style bracelets. So the pandora section in my shop is filling up! Maybe I'll actually wear my prop bracelet sometime. In the meantime, here's a sampling of my pandora beads, and some of my fellow Fire Diva's big-hole beads.

Paco would add character to any rope bracelet.

Penelope and Gail are BFFs, but they're sold separately in my shop.

Bonita is sitting pretty alongside an intense blue bead.

This Dainty Flower Green set perfect for spring! Find it at DorsetHillBeads.

I spy murrini in this Fun and Bright funky purple big hole bead by Lutrick.

Smiling Snowman is a super cute two-bead set by glasstastictreasures.


  1. OMG, adorable beads. Thanks for including my Snowman set!

    BTW, your banner is adorable. lol

  2. thanks for sharing my bhb's lauren...i love making them too...wish i could get to the torch these days...just too busy with STUFF...ugh...