Friday, March 5, 2010

Finding Inspiration

Mmmm. Cupcakes with frosting heaped up on top, then decorated with cute frosting farm animals. Do they make your mouth water? Or do they inspire you in some way?

Louise, from Fire Seed Beads, posted this picture on Facebook the other day. Then she wrote, simply, "Inspiration?" You betcha! When I commented on how cute the cupcakes were, she said "I'll try if you'll try." So we both went to the torch to turn that sweet farm animal frosting into beads. Here are our results:

Louise's cow thinks she's made of frosting ~ she's trying to have a taste. Can you blame her?

Why the long face? You're awfully cute, and I have a feeling you'll be horsing around with other horsey beads soon.

I'm a huge fan of Louise's sculptural animal beads, but she also makes beautiful wearable art beads, too. Find her on Etsy and ArtFire. And her ArtFire shop is filled with her wonderful little Monkee beads:

Glass Monkey Bead - find more of these adorable monkey beads at Fire Seed Beads on ArtFire.

The above cow and horse beads are my attempts. I love making cows, but this one is a little different from my usual bovine. And I've only done a couple horse heads, but they could become a habit . . .

What's kind of ironic about finding inspiration in frosting, is that I nearly took a cake-decorating class instead of the bracelet-making class that eventually led me to lampworking.

So, what has inspired you lately?


  1. Ohhh how darn cute are these?


  2. As a farmville participant on facebook I'm thinking these will be a hit with farmville people...and I'm sure if you had these horses on necklaces at the local horse barn or show the girls couldn't resist!

    Spring is inspiring don't you think - after the darker winter months - flowers, butterflies, birds, bugs, blue sky.... Color!

  3. What a fun post! You both did a wonderful job!

  4. Lauren thank you so much for this wonderful post! :oD My poor blog is feeling a bit neglected at the minute I need to get back into the swing of writing.

    I think your cows are udderly adorable and I agree with Kathy - I think these good be a big hit in the right places!

  5. First off... I love both of your inspirations... secondly... don't suppose you're inspired to send cupcakes with bead purchases? *teehee*

  6. Lauren,
    after going downtown tomorrow, I saw we stop at the zoo. The Farm in the Zoo would love these! : )

  7. oh, and your blog is ALWAYS inspiration!