Monday, March 8, 2010

Murrini Monday ~ It's all about self control

Murrini are tiny pieces of glass with intricate designs in them.

Sometimes the murrini spreads out just a bit on the bead, but still maintains its shape. I love the little flower on this one.

Other times the murrini spreads out over the bead and it's a color explosion.

For owl eyes, I have to have some control to keep the murrini from melting all over, and to keep the eyes as uniform as possible.

More owl eyes.

More owl eyes.

Aptly named Guacamole, this is one of the new blends by Lori and Kim I've dipped into ~ can't you just see the guacamole turtles already? I'll have pictures for next week's edition of Murrini Monday.

You may think I'm obsessed with murrini, or even, gasp, addicted. I'm not. It's all under control. But I'll humor you and allow an intervention ~ Super Wiener Dog to the rescue! But I don't need rescuing - I can quit murrini any time. Really.

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. Just too cute. Love them all.


  2. Lauren, You've been tagged with a Sunshine Award!