Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pigs for Dylan

If you're a lampworker, then you probably have heard of Beads of Courage. It's a program designed to distribute beads to children in the hospital. They receive beads to string as they complete treatments, and they are symbols of their courage. I've sent two packages of beads to Beads of Courage, and I'm getting ready to send a third. The organization likes to get all kinds of beads so the children have some fun and beautiful choices to add to their bead strands.

But last week Beads of Courage put out the call for pig beads. There's a boy named Dylan who is very sick and in the hospital, and he's been lobbying his mother for a pet pig. He can't have traditional pets because of allergens. So sculptural lampworkers are making pig beads to send to Dylan. Even lampworkers who don't normally make sculptural beads are giving pigs a go. I've got three little pigs lined up and ready to hit the road.

You might recognize the pig on the left - he's been in my shop for a looooong time. And now I'm glad he's still there. I'll be sending Super Pig Dylan's way. The middle pig is a sweet little guy, he's pink with gray spots. And the last pig is - hey! Wait a minute. That's no pig. He's trying his best to blend in, but I'm on to him.

And so are the other pigs.

Nice try, little turtle. Clever disguise. Ok, you can go, too. Go pack your bags.

For more about Beads of Courage, please visit their website HERE.

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  1. That's awesome Lauren - I haven't heard of that organization. Dylan is going to be in Pig Heaven!!