Thursday, March 11, 2010

Therapy Thursday ~ 15 Minutes of Fame

Curtis the Compact Hippo made it to the big show last night. There he is top and center on my computer.

Last night I popped onto Facebook for a quick check before bed, and there was a post from my page that said "My shop has been featured on" But I hadn't made that post. I was confused. Then some of my bead buddies start congratulating me, but I was still kinda clueless. After some swift detective work, we figured out that Curtis the hippo made it to the big time, the Etsy Front Page. Dun Dun Dun. What a huge thrill! I'd like to thank my mom and dad for always believing in my artwork despite never voting for my pictures when my sister & friends and I would do little art contests as kids. I know you didn't vote for mine because you didn't want the other kids to feel bad. Sure. And I'd like to thank my agent and my kittens . . . But mostly I want to say thank you all my Etsy and Facebook friends for celebrating with me, and for taking the time to take pictures and screen shots of little Curtis in the limelight. I think it's going to his head. But it's not going to mine.

A great big thank you to laraandmedolls, who curated the sweet treasury that landed Curtis and lots of other wonderful items on the front page. Her shop is filled with the most adorable handmade-from-scratch dolls, like Elsie above, who is waiting for a hug.

Deirdre from AnkleBiterBeads was flipping out with me last night, and she gave me the idea to just snap a picture of my computer screen with my camera. Thanks, Deirdre! Some bunny was looking out for me. You'll find this Monster in a Bunny Costume only in her shop, nowhere else.

Alison from glassali was also there cheering me on. I have been a huge fan of her shop since I found it on Etsy. She not only makes gorgeous beads, but she incorporates them into stunning jewelry pieces. I love the colors in these Striped Lampwork Disks.

And my friend Jennifer over at GlassAddictions kept asking me for my autograph. Just kidding. She was snapping screen shots left and right for me - thanks, Jen! She has a ton of new and exciting beads in her shop right now, including this set of big hole Triangular Jewels ~ absolutely stunning!

And Jenny from EmbellishYourself, ewe are awesome! Jenny made me a screen shot and posted it on my Facebook page - thank you so much! Jenny's shop is filled with the most adorable necklaces, for real people and for Blythe dolls. This Love Ewe Necklace is one of my favorites. It is perfect!

And Janel from JanelDudleyBeads just emailed me a screenshot - thanks, Janel! Have you seen her shop? Her beads are striking, like this aptly named Striking Glass Bicone.

I just heard from Curtis' agent, Holly Dare, of HollysFollyGlass. She said Curtis deserves a place of honor in my shop, and demanded I put him back in the featured section, or he will walk (she didn't actually say that part, but it sounds dramatic). I can't believe I overlooked that detail - so please forgive me Curtis. Have a gigantic Red Velvet Cupcake from Holly's bakeshop. Sweets will win him back.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing in my excitement. I'm really glad I was awake to see Curtis in all his glory. He has become quite popular - lots more hearts and over 700 new views. He has requested his own section in the bead box with green M & Ms and Diet Coke no ice and a lemon. The front page is a powerful place. I only wish more glass would show up there. It's one of the most difficult things to photograph, and the glass artists on Etsy do an outstanding job (as you can see from the pictures posted here) getting clear and provoking pictures. They deserve the limelight, too.

Happy Thursday! Pay It Forward!


  1. Congrats for making it to the "big time"! You totally deserve it!

  2. There's no one who deserves accolades more than you. When I first joined Etsy you were immediately there to cheer me on. Thanks, Lauren!

  3. What a great post!! I love your Oscar like award winning speech, so clever! Thank you for including me :) Oh and you'd better keep an eye on Curtis though, so that the fame doesn't go to his head!

  4. One of the things I love most about you Lauren is your huge heart... even when you get the spotlight for a little bit, you make sure everyone gets a shine in as well :)