Monday, March 15, 2010

Murrini Monday

I was the lucky winner in March on Lori and Kim's murrini website - dreams really do come true! They let me pick from their new blends, and it was no surprise that I chose Spectrum, which is aptly described on their site as rainbow fabulousness! I love it! So watch out for some new and brightly colored murrini on my beads.

I'm pretty sure the eyes on this owl are from my new Spectrum blend, but if I look into them too long I'll go into a trance.

Two turtles, two different murrini blends. One love.

I've been trying to figure out how to do a turtle pandora bead, and I think murrini could be the answer to the shell. Ignore the cat hair.

This penguin is rocking out his murrini belly.

Despite the pretty rainbow murrini belly that was bestowed upon this sweet red penguin, she still has that Debbie Downer look on her face. Cheer up, girl!


  1. I love the turtle pandora - is it for sale? I'll go look : )
    I love the owls too - I'm just not much of a necklace a big hole owl possible???

  2. OMG. Just completely awesome!!! I love each and every one of them.