Friday, September 10, 2010

Art Charm Swap Progress

The deadline for the Art Charm Swap I'm participating in is nearing (Oct. 1), and a couple of days ago I would have said I'm making decent progress. But in the past couple days I've started to rethink what I've made, and I just might head in another direction. Originally, I wanted to make a bunch of the same bead. There are ten of us in the swap, so I would make ten of the same bead. I realized pretty quickly that that's just now how I'm wired. That must be why I don't make sets or do large custom orders. Also, as you might recall from the rules, we have to use at least one of three colors - chocolate truffle, living coral and lagoon. For some reason, I was compelled to use all three. When I couldn't quite match the coral, I decided to stick with chocolate truffle and lagoon. But as I found making the same bead over and over to be a challenge, I also found using the same colors over and over became tedious. So . . . I think I may start all over. This is SO typical of me.

Let's back up just a bit. When I first signed on to do the Art Charm Swap, the biggest challenge was finding glass to match at least one of the colors required to be used in the charms. I knew my coral was too dark, so I tried to match lagoon. I think I'm pretty close with Celadon, an opaque sea foam green made by Creation is Messy. I do think I have a brown that is a decent match to the chocolate truffle color, but now that I may be starting over, I might just go with the pretty Celadon. I'd never used it before this and I am loving it! What do you think?

The glass color is slightly lighter than lagoon, but there are some sweet darker streaks in there.

And here's a sneak peek at what I had done so far, which could all be changed today when I get to the torch. I made the critters turn around so I wouldn't give it all away.


  1. Having them show their little backs was too funny. I'm struggling with my charms too. My enameling is not following the plan! ;)

  2. Lauren, I LOVE your sense of humor! Thanks for the giggle... I just love them all looking away from the camera!

  3. Seeing as how brown is my favourite colour, if these don't make it into a swap, I'll buy one of each off of you as soon as I am back to buying again lol