Monday, September 20, 2010

Murrini Monday

I'm having way too much fun with murrini.

This is Howard the elephant, a distant relative of Horton's. He isn't used to all this fanfare, but when he's got a murrini bloom in his trunk, he's sure to be featured on Murrini Monday.

Dilbert the turtle is showing off some really cool murrini that spreads out nicely on the bead and changes color a bit.

Snail shells are the perfect place to showcase murrini.

Dirty Guido the pirate pug didn't want to wear his dog collar, but I insisted. So he picked out a tough looking black and white murrini star. Now I won't have to worry if he runs away, as most pirate dogs eventually do.

Murrini for these beads is from Lori and Kim


  1. Love the elephant and the pug! Adorable!

  2. So much to love....just so much to love. You're fabulous, Lauren!