Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Pictures in My House

This is a Grow-A-Pirate. Just soak it in water and it grows! Arrrr. It was about an inch tall when we got it (a gift for my 14-year-old son - what every teenager wants these days, I know, we spoil him), and now it's filling out the glass. The bowl of water on top is for one of our kittens who kept drinking the pirate water (Ew!), so we put his water dish on top.

This is our 16-year-old cat, Buzz. He has found the warm, sunny spot on the carpet.

As you might know, I'm participating in an Art Charm swap. This is my little work area where I'm assembling my charms. The beads are face down to keep their identities a secret from other swap participants. As usual, there is an audience.

This is Ernie, keeping the bubble-wrap warm.


  1. Don't you ever get a little freaked out with all those eyes watching you? LOL! It definitely makes for entertaining photo opps ;o)

  2. I love how the beads all hide from the camera... I can't wait to see who they all are!

  3. hello from switzerland ;)
    your animals are sooo cute and funny, i`m in love with the murrini-turtle ;)
    hugs and greets

  4. I am squinting trying to get a peek at those art charms. :D