Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Training

I did my first 5-mile run last week! And I felt pretty good, too. It took me 55 minutes, so I'm averaging an 11-minute mile. Back in the day I averaged a 9 to 10-minute mile, so I'm slowing down. But speed isn't a main issue for me. I'm more concerned about endurance. I'm hoping to hit a 6-mile run by the end of this week. That's it for today.


  1. Good for you, Lauren. That's so awesome! I'm still working up to being able to run a whole mile, but will get there one of these weeks/months :)

  2. I get excited if I can jog to end of the drive and back :O) I love to walk miles and miles with Iz, but running...nada *shakes head* When is the marathon again?

  3. It's April 2, so I have exactly two months. I still haven't signed up . . . but I really do want to do it, mostly so I can go back to my old college town. :)