Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beads of Courage

Yesterday I sent off 103 beads (it doesn't look like that many, does it?) to Beads of Courage. These beads will be used in their program that allows children coping with serious illnesses to string beads, each one representing a different treatment or milestone. I had a bunch of animal beads in this batch, including nine that glow in the dark. I also took apart a lot of the bookmarks I had made a while back and put those beads in, too. The holes in those beads are nice a big (I used 1/8" mandrels) and would be easy for little kids to string. Plus, they were just sitting in my cabinet when they could be out there doing some good. :)

I was all set to send my beads in in January, but I waited until now because this month only, I'm also entered to win a new torch. Marcy, of StudioMarcy, is generously donating a torch to the cause. For every 25 beads donated, or $25 donated, the donator gets a raffle ticket for the torch giveaway. So for my 103 bead donation, I'll have four chances to win the torch. But the competition is very stiff! You would not believe the amount of beads that are pouring in to Beads of Courage! Marcy started a blog to show them all off, so check them out HERE. If you are a lampworker, there is still time to get your beads in for this promotion. You know you've been sitting on some beads, just waiting to clean them and send them in - now is the time! You could win a torch, but you know you'll just feel good making your donation regardless.

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