Monday, February 28, 2011

Murrini Monday

Is it Monday already? Well, the good news is - it's time for some murrini!

My elephant beads are very fond of murrini. They suck it up in their trunks whenever they can. This purple elephant found the perfect match with a slice of Poolhouse murrini from Lori and Kim.

But recently I had a request from a customer to place the murrini up on the elephant's forehead. Her idea was meant to be a small circle on the forehead, like a jewel. But as you can see, I chose a piece of murrini that spread out and became more of a decorative headpiece. I still really like how it turned out - this elephant is ready to paint the town red. Or at least dark orange.

And here's that fabulous Smarties murrini blend at work on my mini turtles. Could this blend be any sweeter? I call these Candy Turtles, partly because they look like candy, and partly because I was inspired by Lori Peterson's Candy Jacks beads that she makes with her murrini. I top the shell with murrini, then a small glob of clear glass, which gives the murrini a magnified effect.

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. Now how cute are they! Absolutely beyond words!

  2. The orange Elephant ist great!!!!! Have a nice day! Greetings Doris