Monday, February 21, 2011

Murrini Monday

I have held off on buying murrini for the last month (talk about will power), simply because I wanted to concentrate on all the wonderful blends I already own. I was actually successful in resisting and I made a small dent in my murrini collection over the last month. But when I saw Lori and Kim's newest blend of Smarties murrini, I didn't event try to resist. They had to be mine. And now they are! They arrived last week, along with Poolhouse and some Parakeet frit. I probably won't use my frit for parakeet beads, but I've already tried it on a turtle and it is really pretty. I've also tried out both murrini blends and they are fantastic! The colors and designs just pop - they are so much fun! I don't have pictures of my beads with the new murrini yet, but I do have some newer beads (pink ones!) with some of my older blends to show.

Murrini is really fun to use for owl eyes, and the colors in this murrini were perfect for a pretty pink pandora owl.

Despite the mortified look on his face, this pug is pretty happy in his pink snowflake murrini sweater.

Rosa the pink hippo wears a pretty rosette murrini on one side. Now she can always stop to smell the roses, if only she could bend her neck back far enough.

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