Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Dog Tags!

My glassy friend Paula not only makes fantastic glass dog beads, but now she's carrying custom-stamped dog tags (for actual dogs) in her jewelry shop. The bone-shaped Super Dog tag is my favorite, but she's got a whole bunch of designs to choose from and more in the works. Why should humans have all the fun? Or as Paula puts it - Every pet needs a little BLING.

More bling for your pet from IslandTopGems.

My new Super Pug bead sure would look sweet wearing a Super Dog tag from IslandTopGems, and I bet your pooch would, too.

Paula's gorgeous glass beads are in her PaulaNC shop.


  1. You know you are killing me with the cute pug beads!! He is so adorable!!!


    Jess & Lilo

  2. LOL great Super Dog!! Thanks for featuring my tags and shops in your blog. That was SUPER great of you to do!!!

  3. Aren't these the greatest dog tags, EVER!!!! I even ordered one for Pixie!