Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maybeads ~ Where are They Now?

And now, it's time for another episode of Maybeads ~ Where are They Now?

Buttercup the cow bead has learned that the grass is greener on the other side - the other side of the world, that is! She traveled all the way to The Netherlands, and now calls this grass-filled silver bowl ring her home. Marjorie from M-ixes Jewelry created the ring, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before - totally unique. Buttercup couldn't be happier in her new, lush surroundings. I think it's the coolest ring ever.

A few weeks ago I got a custom order for three pet beads: Oliver the chihuahua and Catreeny and Molley the tailless cats. I sent the beads off, and now look where they are! They're sitting pretty on this bangle-style charm bracelet my customer made. The wire work is amazing! And I love all the little touches - the pet-themed charms and matching lampwork beads she added (I only made the paw print bead, but the rest my customer added and they match so well). Now she can take her pets with her wherever she goes.

If you've ever made anything out of my beads, I'd love to see a picture! If you've made something out of someone else's lampwork beads, I'd bet they'd love to see a picture as well. It's super fun to see where our beads wind up.