Monday, August 23, 2010

Murrini Monday

You can imagine my sheer delight when lori and kim posted their new Spooky murrini blend. Two packs were in my cart before I could say "omg mini jack-o-lanterns!" My murrini packs arrived last week, along with Dumbledore (I couldn't resist those magical, color-changing murrini any more than I could say no to Dumbledore himself), and so far I've allowed three lucky critters to choose a pumpkin from my little patch. I've also been having a blast with the eyeball murrini!

I feel like Oprah - "You get a jack-o-lantern! You get a jack-o-lantern! And you get a jack-o-lantern!" I don't get quite the same reaction as Oprah does when she's handing out cars, but believe me, the critters are happy on the inside.

Green eyeball murrini. Is there a better use for it than a one-eyed alien? I think not.

Wait - I take that back. Green eyeball murrini also works quite well for headless green goblins.

Yes, I did try out some of the other murrini in the Spooky blend. This fall turtle was lucky enough to land some really fine shell spots. See how happy she is? I think she wanted a car.

Some of these beads are in my Etsy shop and some will be listed soon. I've still got lots more murrini to play with . . . . Happy Murrini Monday!

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