Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ First Day of School

Second grade.

Junior High.

Notice the high school kid got his picture taken inside, where there are no witnesses.


  1. Not high school.....omg how come these kids keep getting older and we never age?? Geez...i remember when he was born...yikes!


  2. Ah, I remember those first day of school pictures. They are a thing of the past here. Time moves so fast. They all look so happy!

  3. good luck to everyone! they look great! : )

  4. Great pix Lauren - they all look happy and confident! My son is a Jr. and he still lets me take his picture on the first day of school - which is today also.

  5. Cara - I know! It's getting harder to stay young with a high school freshman. And he's at your alma mater.
    Happy first day to your son, too, Kathy! And most of that is false confidence. But they made it through ok.

  6. they went with smiles...hope you had a great day ALONE with your torch...ahhh...i can only dream... :)