Thursday, August 19, 2010

Then & Now

When I'm downloading pictures to put on Etsy, sometimes I accidentally click on a picture file with the same date, only two years earlier. The other day I was putting bead pictures on Etsy from a file dated 8.15.10. I noticed I also had a file from 8.15.08 - so I clicked on it. And this is what I saw:

This is one of my original owls. The head and body were basically one unit, and apparently I believed owls had big feet back then. Also, notice the feathers on the owl's head - kind of sad, like a lame comb-over. But back then I thought this owl was pretty darn good.

Here's an owl from 8.15.10 - two years later. I think it's a lot more fun, mostly because I've learned in the last two years that owls and other critters can come in any color. Plus, they can have rainbow star murrini on their bellies.

Going back in time got me thinking about another bead I had made last summer. This weenie in a tube was one of my favorite beads. I thought it was very innovative, and I'm still proud of it.

This summer I expanded on that idea and got my doggies to sit upright in their tubes. I think they're much more confident that way.

Do you ever look back at your past work? You should. You may cringe (as I do), but it's fun to see how far you've come.


  1. I do look back at past work and am always delighted to see how far I've come and how much I've learned. Sometime though I do cringe but that's o.k.

  2. I find it amazing to look back on my past creations. Sometimes I create a color combo thinking ... now that was awesome why didn't I think of that before. Only to find an oooold bead and realize I did think of it before, but perhaps I didn't have the skill to execute it properly.