Monday, December 20, 2010

Murrini Monday ~ It's Striking

I use a hothead torch. I guess it's like a beginner torch. I don't know any different, so I can't compare, but from what I've heard, you can get better heat and control from other torches. And apparently you can have success with striking glass colors with other torches as well. Striking glass is glass that changes color in the flame. I have a few basic striking rods, and I've been able to get some colors out of them. Nothing major, but good enough for what I wanted.

So Lori and Kim, my murrini dealers, have been making murrini from striking glass. Each time they list it I look at in and drool at the results, but I think about it too long and it sells out quickly. But last week when I put in my murrini order, there it was again, a beautiful batch of these gorgeous (or should I say striking) murrini flowers. I dropped them into my cart (along with Midnight Masquerade and Razzmatazz) and figured I'd worry about how to use them later. Well my package arrived yesterday, and all of the murrini is just gorgeous! But I'm most anxious to try the striking blend, because maybe I'll get results like this:

This image has been pilfered from the Lori and Kim store.

I have some custom orders to finish up before I can play with my new murrini, but I would flip if I could make pretty beads like the ones above.

Lampworkers - have you tried striking murrini on a hothead? Any tips for me?

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  1. 'So Lori and Kim, my murrini dealers' hee hee...this phrase tickled me!! Those murrini are gorgeous, they are liked trapped fire in glass. Look forward to seeing your results, haven't got any tips though, sorry. I do have a minor torch but I don't use very much striking glass and when I do I get very mixed results...something to learn for next year. Happy Holidays Lx