Monday, December 27, 2010

Murrini Monday - Results

Remember this afternoon, when I challenged myself to use all 18 chips of murrini in my little dish? (If you don't remember, just scroll down to my last post.) Well, I did it! I used all the murrini. I made 9 beads and I had a blast!

I lost a couple pieces of murrini in the flame (due to shocking and cracking). It's always a huge bummer when that happens, so it's good to have back-up murrini of the same kind on your work station. Lucky for me I had some spares nearby and was able to replace the broken pieces.

So here are my results. See if you recognize the murrini from my little dish.

This blue hippo has identical flower murrini on both sides.

Herbie the Love Pug.

Here's that blue and green murrini with the pink center.

This is the backside of a dog bead. I think I could have used the murrini better - it would have stood out more on a darker color.

This is one of my favorite kinds of murrini. It looks so simple and innocent before it hits the flame, but when it does - watch out! It does some cool stuff. I love how it spread out on the wiener dog - now it's a red hot!

Here is the sun murrini I waited for forever to try. Why did I wait so long? I love it! I did break the first sun murrini in the flame, but I quickly got a substitute.

I LOVE how this bead turned out! This is the Kronos murrini by Mallory at rosebud101. I didn't know what it was going to do, so I put it on black and encased it. Isn't it cool?

And last but not least are my two cracked beads. The snail was so cool - but you can see the crack up on top. I used pajama blue, then added the Triton murrini by rosebud101. I left them sticking out a bit, then encased the bead. At this point I decided to turn it into a snail, and I love the effect of the murrini popping up like that. I will definitely try this again.

The pink turtle is my other casualty. I encased veiled rubino, then added this awesome Girlie Girl murrini from loriandkim. I was really excited about this bead and very bummed when I saw the crack. Encased beads are a challenge for me because my set-up can make it tricky for these beads to cool properly. That's just something I have to remember when I'm making this kind of bead. The snail and turtle will likely go into my daughters' wonky bead collection.

This was a really fun bead-making day. I highly recommend it. :)

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  1. They're all magnificent!!! I LOVE the hippo. Soooo cute! And the pug! Oh, just all of them, really. Put a really thin layer of clear on before you lay down the rubino if you're going to encase. That's my tip-o-the-day. :)