Thursday, September 24, 2009

(Aroma)Therapy Thursday

Back when my husband and I were dating, we always looked forward to Thursday nights. The way we figured it, it was practically the weekend, and there was Must See TV. At the time, I worked weekdays writing ads and weekend nights waiting tables, so Thursday was our night. We'd order burritos from our favorite burrito place (aptly named El Famous Burrito), park ourselves in front of "Friends" and just enjoy the evening. Now, about 15 years later, I still think of Thursdays as burrito night. But with three kids added to the mix, there are after-school activities and homework that come first, and sadly, burritos are no longer a staple but a treat. Which is probably a good thing.

I'm still a big fan of Thursdays, so I've decided to honor the day by posting something therapeutic - something fun or funny or feel-good or inspirational (nothing deep, believe me). I'll call it Therapeutic Thursday. I'm starting off with some aroma-style therapy, in the form of Lemon Cream Sugar Scrub (pictured above) from HeathensHearth on Etsy. I'm down to my very last bit, so now I just open the jar each morning and take a nice long whiff, and I'm telling you - it smells AMAZING! Just the right amount of sweetness to brighten my morning. My mom and sister are hooked on the Cafe Mocha, and my hubby likes the Coconut Lime.

I'm thinking that this Mojito Sugar Scrub with Lime and Peppermint would be quite therapeutic, too.

What lifts your spirits on this first Thursday of the fall?


  1. love this lauren...we could all use a little therapy on thursday!...

    i celebrate thursday's on my blog with my THEME FOR THURSDAY...what a wonderful day...

    thank you for sharing such a nice piece of yourself...

  2. Lauren, my husband and I had a similar routine when we were first dating. Thursday nights were the night to relax and watch the NBC lineup. I remember having sushi carryout a lot when we lived in the city--it was a sort of treat day for us, too. I'll have to check out those scrubs--they sound terrific.
    As for lifting my spirits? A clean house. This morning Esme and I cleaned the kitchen floor with a homemade cleaning spray I scented with ylang-ylang. Then we opened the windows to let in the sea breeze. Very nice!

  3. love that mocha scrub...but I might just have to try the lemon next....maybe.

  4. I was just thinking… the coconut-lime might be good with a splash of rum next time I have a burrito. I know they're not edible, per se, but would it be that bad if a little got in my mouth? Hmmm…

  5. Being bad and having eggs benedict for dinner just because I can :)

  6. Kirie - the clean scented floors with the windows open sounds perfect. My daughter just "cleaned" the bathroom - it's so nice when they're young and enthusiastic about cleaning. :)

    Katy - that's what I'm talking about - I used to have popcorn for dinner just because I could.

    I'm telling you, those sugar scrubs smell so good - they just put me in a happy place. It's the little things.

  7. Hi,

    They seem to taste good :-)

    Best regards,