Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Name Game

As a kid, I remember my family voting on our new kitten's name. We had narrowed it down to "Muffy" and "Daffy." I voted for Daffy. Daffy lost. And Muffy turned out to be the sweetest and fattest fluffy calico cat - her name suited her just fine. She joined our brood of Bootsy, Goody, Daisy (her mom) and Rufus the Irish Setter. But I felt cheated about her name. I wanted more say in those matters. Now I have a bead box full of little critter beads and I can name them whatever I want - you'd think my animal-naming dreams have all come true! But lately I'm finding that coming up with names for turtles, dogs and elephants is not as easy as it seems.

I try to keep a running list of names I'd like to use for my beads. But already I've doubled up on a few. So . . . I'd love some help keeping my list fresh - anyone have some good names they'd like to share?

This is our dog, Chunky. He came with his name, so we didn't get to name him.


  1. Well my pets over the years have been Dumbo the cat because he had huge ears as a kitten... piggy not sure what he started as I think he was peppy when I got him... the there was abc which stood for " a brown cat" or 'another bad cat' depending on the day... then there was TP stood for thunder paws ....then OJ, which stood for Other Jerk or orange Juice he was sort of apricot... then came Holy Smoke... a grey persian... then there was duddley we had a van named Duddley that didn't work very well we hoped it would learn how to purr from it's namesake... then EMM and finally ZOom ZOom I wanted a mazda miata and got a kitten... I really don't think you want help from me in naming your critters!

  2. Lauren, my animals all name the next one! I always wanted Milly. I bought Milly a dog bed and didn't realize it was on sale because it had "Maggie" embroidered on it. I turned the writing toward the wall, cause...Milly could read! When Milly died...yep, Maggie. Maggie (who's first name was Missy - I ALWAYS change their names when I adopt because I want them to only have positive reference to that name!) and I were watching a video and there was a funny line about "Mabel in China" ...so Mabel was named.

    Mabel is very mischievous and my Maggie (who saved my life - literally) was such a sweet Miss... I've already made up my mind my next rottie will be ... Miss Chevious...Missy for short.

    You should check this out: http://www.geocities.com/dog_names/

  3. I think my Mother had problems naming cats remembering back all our cats were named Tom-Tom. No problem with dogs we had Pete, Duke, Runner, Pepsi, Peanuts, Howley, Nickoli, Clemson, Lucy, Boris, Rebbecca ......and the list goes on. Hey have you made a Chunky bead? I don't remember seeing one.

  4. here are some names i'd like to share for you to consider for your adorable critters...how about...
    murphy, harley, toby, charlie, oliver, sam, bella, maggie, sasha, ginger, jag, jet...to name a few...have fun!...i just love your critters...

  5. My vote is for Sushi and Tofu...turtles of course! : )
    Sushi was originally Sydney. But now we have a niece named Sydney!