Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rubbing Elbows with NLC Beads

My candy corn critter beads are getting to know a pumpkin dinosaur made by Nikki, aka The Sheep Goddess, of NLC Beads (lucky little critters!). A customer of mine owns all three and sent me this picture, which cracked me up. Nikki's beads are what inspired me to concentrate my torching efforts on critter beads. I would head to ebay every week and just drool over her quirky and creative creations. So for my beads to be in the company of one of Nikki's is a huge thrill for me. Want in on Nikki's bead auctions? Go here and be ready to join the bidding frenzy.

My customer says "The doxie and dino are having a standoff (or maybe it's one of those "who will blink first?" contests), and the turtle is appalled by the whole thing." :-)


  1. I think they are planning their Hallow's Eve route...where will we get the best candy???