Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Weird Cat, Buzz

Does your cat do this? Or is mine the only one? He likes to pump (not hump) his paws on my kids' stuffed animals. He once completely flattened an alligator into a green pancake. He has his favorites, too. If one is up too high, he'll mew at it and eventually swat it down so he can go through his weird paw-pumping ritual. There have to be other weird cats out there ~ tell me about your weird cat so I don't feel so alone.

Hah! Caught you in the act! Poor doggy.


  1. So, I'm not a cat person but my dog has a strange relationship withone of her stuffed animals nicknamed Baby. Mabel loves Baby but does not like me to touch Baby. But, when Mabel is being hard - headed, I can use Baby to get Mabel to do what I want..."Look, Baby thinks it's time for a nap." or "Look, Baby's eating her veggies!"

    Sadly Baby met her demise when I suggested that she gave me good kisses (Mabel was not in an affectionate mood that day) and that Baby should get to go to the creek. Mabel ripped Baby's head off and even tried to save the squeaker... very weird!

  2. Our 1 year old Golden Retriever plops her head in front of the cat so she will bathe her head. They do this routine a couple times every day and it's hilarious!

  3. Holly - my dog loves to take the squeaker out of toys, totally weird.

    Jennifer - that is so cute! Buzz does that to our other cat, Newman. He puts his head down and Newman just licks away. How he knows to do that is beyond me, but it sure is cute.

  4. My little black cat does this to me all the time. We always called the pumping with the hands "kneeding" or "making biscuits". Cassie is always trying to make biscuits on my legs or tummy. I wish I could get her to do this on my back - then I wouldn't need to pay for a massage therapist! LOL!

  5. Too funny, Prayers4Theresa! I agree, some kneeding on the back would feel good.