Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Inspires You?

As a critter bead artist, I find I have trouble answering this question. I think that's because I want to say something poetic, like the change in seasons or the ocean waves. But I make cartoon-like animal beads; a.k.a. critter beads. They are brightly colored and have googly eyes. So saying something about my inner feelings and a quest for order would make no sense at all.

Recently, when I was asked in a blog interview (by my sister, by the way) "What Inspires You?" I answered, "cartoons, dogs, animals everywhere." But that answer wasn't exactly complete. I'm also inspired by stuffed animals.

And sometimes I'm actually inspired by some real-life things as well, like the Original Rainbow Cone. Once in a while I get a picture of that real-life thing, and I'll try to post it here with my bead interpretation.

If you've every been to the Taste of Chicago, you know what the Rainbow Cone entails - it's composed of five flavors - chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (cherry flavored, with chunks of cherry and walnut), pistachio ice creams, along with orange sherbet - packed into a wedge atop your cone. I took a picture of the sign above the Rainbow Cone booth - it was an overcast day this year at the Taste.
Here's my daughter patiently posing for a picture with her rainbow cone, when I knew she just wanted to start licking.

And here's my interpretation of the famous Rainbow Cone. This bead just found a home, with a former Chicago-area resident no less, and I hope it brings taste of Chicago out east.

And now - what inspires you? I'd love to know.


  1. I LOVE the Rainbow Cone! They are opening one in downtown Chicago, near the Chicago Theater....yippee! : ) Your bead is making me want one now.

  2. Come on Mom take the picture. ;-) Not sure which looks better...pretty tasty.