Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday is on FIRE!

Red Hot Chile Peppers on Etsy

Mallory, from rosebud101
on Etsy and rosebud101 on ArtFire, is this week's featured Fire Diva. She makes the most wonderful disc beads, but she also creates amazing focal pieces, sculptural beads and finished jewelry. She's even making her own findings and is stocked with some lampwork supplies in her ArtFire shop. So let's get to know Mallory . . .
How did you find your craft, or did it find you? It found me because I took a single class, and then I was hooked.

Favorite color glass? Bubblegum pink

Do you have a nickname? A lot of people call me Mal, but I don't like it.

Chocolate or Vanilla? ... Chocolate

Laundry hamper: full or empty? At the moment, empty! Yipeeee!

What did you have for dinner last night? Spring rolls with peanut sauce and a flour-less birthday cake for my daughter.

Bed: made or unmade? If you could see it now, you'd know it's not made.

What's on your nightstand? My bible and prayer book.

Favorite fruit: blueberries

Last book you read: Mistaken Identity

Ever eat Playdoh? Yes. When my children were little I wanted to see if it would make them sick, so I ate some. It didn't taste good, but I didn't get sick.

How do you like your eggs? Whites only, with crisp brown edges.

Ever have a perm? Yes, but not now.

Deep dish or thin crust? Thin crust

Favorite smell/scent: jasmine

Can you play an instrument? sort of--I used to be good at the piano, but that was before my glass days

Three favorite condiments? mustard, dill pickles and onions

Pets' names: I just lost my Spike.

Ever try their (your pets') food? I tried a dog treat once to see why Spike liked it. I wasn't overly impressed.

Ever broken a bone? Yes, when I was 8 I broke my arm and when I was teaching I broke my leg by slipping on ice.

Do you like guacamole? YES!

Most proud of: My children!

Albuquerque Sunrise Discs on Etsy

Candy Corn Beads on Artfire

Cherubs on ArtFire (aren't they adorable???)

Denim Heart on Etsy


  1. Great interview Lauren! Love getting to know all our divas.

  2. Lauren, what a fun series you have! Great to read more about Mallory. She's a very sweet lady!

  3. Thanks so much, Lauren! I appreciate the plug!