Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frogs on Beads

One bead I haven't quite been able to pull off is the "frog-on-a-bead" bead. There are some really sweet ones on Etsy, so I rounded up some of my faves.

Meet Arancio the Orange Glass Tree Frog Bead from guymelamed - don't you just love the toes?

And here's Sweat Pea from redhillbeads - total cuteness!

The frogs in aardvarkartglass's shop cling to all sorts of things. This one is holding on for dear life to a succulent ham - can you blame him?

And here's my little frog. The other day she taunted me and my lack of frog-on-a-bead making skills by bouncing up and down on our exercise ball and saying, "Look Mom! I'm a frog on a bead!"


  1. Now, the last photo is the best one of all! What a cutie!

  2. how nice! thank you so much for featuring our froggy on your blog. what an honor. love the other froggy beads, too. isn't etsy the best? thanks so much and happy holidays from israel! :)

    i agree that the last photo is the best frog of the bunch, too!

  3. She is getting so big, and just as adorable.!

  4. Lauren,
    Thank you for featuring my froggie! You made my day! I'm glad you like my beads! Your beads are pretty darn cute too!!!

    Thanks again!
    Shawn Marcotte
    Red Hill Beads