Thursday, December 17, 2009

Therapy Thursday

Today my therapy was all about giving. Doesn't it just feel good to give? So today I sent the beads pictured above to Beads of Courage, which provides beads to kids in the hospital. The kids get to pick beads to string when they finish different treatments. I figured that some of my smaller-sized critters might be a fun addition.

I also brought a bunch of cell phone charms and stretchy necklaces to my dentist. Why? Because he worked all summer and into the fall to try to save one of my teeth. It turned out to have a fracture and needed to be pulled. Then I went through dry socket, something I hope never to experience again. My dentist met me at his office on his day off and fit me in whenever I needed treatment (which was a lot). When it was all finished, he charged me only for the tooth extraction, though he put in much more time than that (which took 45 minutes - what a stubborn tooth!). I've known my dentist since I was a kid. We lived down the street from him and his 5 kids and had block parties with them. So I knew he had lots of grandkids. I figured I could thank him by giving him something homemade that he could give to his grand-daughters. He has 16 grand kids and 9 are girls. So I headed to his office today with some girlie cell phone charms for the older girls and a couple stretchies for the younger ones. It felt really good to go there and not have to sit in the chair. :)

After all that giving, I treated myself to some more murrini from loriandkim. Can you say ADDICTION? I couldn't help myself. Look at it! Now that is what I call therapeutic.


  1. Pink penguin? Yellow alien? Purple ladybug? Why oh why are these beads hidden away?

  2. Sorry, Katy, I hadn't finished my post!

  3. Awww Lauren, that really was a therapeutic post! So nice of you :)