Monday, December 7, 2009

Murrini Monday

This week's edition of Murrini Monday features other artists' use of murrini. As you can see, they are much more subtle with their murrini usage than I am, giving their beads a more artistic quality (as opposed to the cartoonish quality of mine).

This show-stopper of a bead is called Nightmare Insomnia Mystical Garden Trellis, and you can find it at GlassAddictions, where there just so happens to be a sale going on.

One lonely murrini graces this lovely green tube bead, but it's the star of the show. One Murrini is from DorsetHillBeads.

Southwest Pathway features the artist's own handmade starburst murrini ~ this one is by flamecrazy.

Rainbow Twist by Lutrick incorporates murrini on both sides of the bead, which is made from gorgeous Chalcedony glass.

Appropriately named Murrini Fields, this luscious tube-shaped bead by teasebeads is highlighted by a pretty orange and yellow burst of murrini.

The beads above are by the Fire Divas. Many of them (including me!) use murrini from loriandkim.

And here is a color explosion called Allegro, by Lori, of loriandkim fame, using her very own handmade murrini. Her fabulous beads can be found at Loribeads.


  1. don't we just LOVE murrini...thanks for showing such lovely beads...

  2. I heart murrini! But I don't have a day of the week devoted to it like some other addict I know...hmmm....BTW, I LOVE your use of murrini! and thanks for showing mine ;o)

  3. Those are stunning murrini beads! Wow!