Thursday, December 3, 2009

Therapy Thursday ~ can't we all just get along?

This is our cat, Buzz, and our dog, Chunky. Every morning after my husband and dog go to work (yes, Chunky goes to work 5 days a week), Buzz follows me downstairs to the computer and curls up on Chunky's dog bed. But that nice little routine goes haywire on the weekends when Chunk is home in the morning. Buzz still heads to the dog bed, but now he has to deal with Chunky, who tries desperately to carve out a little spot for himself. Somehow they make it work.

And looky where I found Buzz today - sharing a chair and waiting for a waffle.


  1. My cat Binks and my dog Lita do the same thing. Each taking a section although a lot of the time the cat wins and poor Lita is left to wander.

  2. How cute!

    No cats or dogs here, but I was recently at my sister's home and her cat and dogs have little games they play! Like who is ion charge! LOL