Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts for Boys - a conundrum to say the least

Our son is 13, and I find it's really tough to find small-ticket-item gifts for a boy that age. He's done with action figures and Legos. And unlike girls, he doesn't require accessories. He does like to read, so books are still a good gift for him. But aside from that, he's hoping for some video games, which can be pricey, so those will be limited. I still like to get him a couple non-clothing gifts that he doesn't expect. And every once in a while I come across something on Etsy (it's rare) that would work for him.

The button above is one of those items. It's as if it were made for our son. We could be having a perfectly nice, civilized dinner, and all of the sudden he'll point his elbow at whoever is talking and go "pew pew pew!" His elbow laser is often met with retaliatory lasers from his sisters' and dad's elbows, and suddenly dinner is chaos. At beanforest, where I made my purchase, there are pages of hilarious buttons. I got my son the magnet version for 50 cents more, for a total of $1.50 plus shipping. Such a deal for something that seems custom-made for our kid. I can't wait 'til he opens it.

In the last year or so, our son has grown a very faint mustache. Very faint. A shadow. But still, it's noticeable. So my husband decided to get him an electric razor - as a gift. I know this gift will not thrill the boy. He may appreciate it, but for something to plug in and not at least make laser noises, I'm not so sure. So, in keeping with the mustache theme, I got him one of these on Etsy:

Surely you've seen them. They're pint glasses with a mustache etched on the side of them, and they're made by breadandbadger. Our boy opened his last night and enjoyed a nice cold glass of milk in it.

So, has anyone else had luck with buying gifts on Etsy, or anywhere else, for boys in their early teens?


  1. I'm in the same boat! My son is 16 and his Christmas list consists of all high ticket items (which Santa cannot afford). I miss the days of legos and hot wheels! This year, I found a few smaller things like a personalized street sign with his name and itunes gift card. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes - iTunes gift cards are a great idea! My sister got him one of those (last year, too). I just think it's a good thing he played with the Legos before the recommended age of 8-16, or we may have missed out on that. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. Cute button and love the mustache glasses!

    I hope you can find him more items on etsy :-)

  4. Itunes.... Ya'll got that.

    And, my godson LOVES Starbucks cards. He loves treating his friends!

    He's now 19 and even harder but I was thrilled with what I came up with this year: business cards for his DJ business and a .com (and a check!) LOL!

  5. Great idea CreekHiker!

    Maybeads, how about a funky iPod cover? (assuming he has one) tons of sellers have way fun ones on Etsy... Does he play guitar? They also have way cool guitar picks made out of tons of stuff... What about a neat decal for his wall? (They are removable, but not restickable)...

    How come I can never think of these things when shopping for my nephew? lol...

  6. Lethargic - I actually ordered three of those iPod covers - two for my nieces and one for my daughter. I didn't even think of my boy. If he played guitar, that would be cool, too - the pick. I'll look into the wall decals.

    Holly - I'm thinking some kind of giftcard - but he doesn't do Starbucks. He's into Mountain Dew. :)