Thursday, December 10, 2009

Therapy Thursday

Day brighteners can come in all forms. But the unexpected ones are the best. Today I received a shop banner from my friend Kelly, of KellySchwarkDesigns on Etsy. She has done this before, and I'm still so surprised by it. She goes into my shop and picks out beads, arranges them and adds hilarious captions. Her sense of humor is right up my alley. For a better look at my current banner, go ahead and click on the image above.

Kelly and I met on Etsy - I think in the forums in a "positive thread," which is only fitting. She has two shops on Etsy. One is her graphic design shop, KellySchwarkDesigns, and the other is where she sells her artwork, KellySchwark. She's just now up and running in both shops after taking some time off. If you're looking for a fresh look to your shop and need a new banner, I highly recommend Kelly's work. It speaks for itself.

Below is the banner Kelly sent me last year before Easter. The poor turtle is being stalked by the marshmallow bunny and Peep.

And up until today I had this banner up in my shop:

And here's a painting from Kelly's art shop, KellySchwark:
Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. She does such a great job! I really love the dogs sniffing the Christmas tree...too funny!