Monday, February 8, 2010

Murrini Monday

Disclaimer - I did not make the first two bead pictured below! As much as I wish I had, I didn't. A lampwork friend pointed them out to me and I had to share. They are the work of michoudesign on Etsy. Aren't they amazing??? She makes her own hand-pulled murrini, and incorporates it into her beautifully detailed and brightly colored beads.

Walking on Sunshine - this is a two-sided bead! A bird on each side!!! I'd be walking on sunshine if I could just touch this bead. I think the murrini eye is the star, but the artist points out her other "good mood" ingredients include enamels, silver, ivory stringer, detailed stringer work (no kidding!), bubble dots, smaller raised dots and shiny gold stone. Whew! Absolutely amazing!

I couldn't stop at just one ~ this is Lilac Gold Fish. Another murrini eye and more to decorate the fish body. I love it!

Obviously, the last three are mine.
Meet Gottlieb the Owl.

Bradford the Owl.

Rachel the Turtle.

All of the murrini I've used has come from loriandkim.

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. absolutely stunning work by michou and by you lauren...i love the owls...

  2. Love your Murrini mondays! The one on the turtle is very, very cool!

  3. You are getting so good with that murrini