Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wine Glass Charms ~ Do you use them?

I think wine glass charms are such a charming idea. It sure beats serving wine in plastic cups and putting your name on yours with a black Sharpie. But do you really use them? I had this farm animal set in my shop for well over a year, and although they seemed to be well-liked, there were no takers. Of course, that could be because the theme is farm animals.

I'm planning on making a set of wine glass charms for a raffle at my in-laws' Lion's Club ~ they'll most likely be included in a basket with a bottle of wine and some crackers. The crowd is mostly 60 years old and up. Any suggestions for what I should make? Critters? "Regular" beads? Thanks for your help!


  1. Lauren I love these They are so cute!
    For the Lions club make lil lions?!

  2. That's a really good idea, Janel - but I've never made a lion! I've seen some really cute ones, though.

  3. Lauren, I would be interested in purchasing these. Can you tell me how much they are and if they are still availabe. My college roomate loves farm animals and wine! Sounds like a great birthday gift for her. :) Eileen Spiegel

  4. False teeth and walking sticks?

    (LOL I have *no* idea where that came from but it insisted on being typed)