Friday, February 19, 2010

I Heart Cats

That's our black kitten, Bert, suckling on our orange and white kitten, Ernie. Bert is suckling Ernie's paw. I'm starting to understand why Bert is so skinny.

Beware of the kitty under the rug. Danger.

Here's Bert giving Ernie a love bite. It looks like suckling, but this time they were playing.

Ernie is trying to make friends with our older cat, Buzz. Buzz looks annoyed.

Oh look! Cat beads! I guess I was inspired.


  1. crazybliss - I knew you loved cats! Or you wouldn't make such wonderful cat art, like the cat in the sink, a classic cat pose. Or Max, my favorite. :)

  2. OOh how cute, yep I'm a cat lover also...right now my two are sleeping after keeping me up all night playing.

  3. Those beads are SO cute! :) The cats are just adorable, I want to hug them to death.

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