Friday, January 22, 2010

Dogs of Glass

Beano the dog

Beano the glass dog bead

Custom dog beads are one of my favorite kinds of beads to make. They're also one of the most challenging. I often get requests from people for a bead that looks like their dog. If it's a breed of dog that I've made before, then it usually isn't a problem. I ask the customer to send me pictures of their dog and I use them for reference when I'm at the torch. Some dog breeds I just haven't mastered (small, long-haired dogs), so I let my customer know this and give them a referral. But Boston Terriers and Wiener dogs are two of my favorite breeds to make, so I thought I'd post the results of some of my recent custom orders. Beano, above, is a Boston Terrier. His markings are unique, which added to the challenge of making him into a bead. But I really enjoyed making this dog and it taught me a lot about sculpting when I made his face. Chloe and Cricket (below) are wiener dogs with classic wiener dog looks. These are my favorite wiener dogs to make, and I really enjoyed this order. It's still tempting to put a bun and a squirt of mustard on them, but I resisted.

Cricket and Chloe (above)
and their glass counterparts (below)


  1. Major furbaby cuteness! I adore my Lita bead and show it to everyone!

  2. I love Cricket and Chloe!

  3. Your dog beads are the best Maybeads!

  4. i love the weiner dogs...i grew up with doxies and love them to pieces...
    next...i commission you to make a bulldog...sending you a picture of beanie, our bulldog...please...