Monday, January 4, 2010

Murrini Monday

If you've been here lately on Mondays, then you know I've devoted a whole day on my blog to my newfound love of murrini - those little slices of glass that we lampwork artists like to add to bead to give them a little something extra. The murrini above is from loriandkim on Etsy. It's a gorgeous Victorian blend that just so happens to be on sale. What I like about Lori and Kim's shop is that they give examples of how the murrini looks on a bead. Below are some beads adorned with the Victorian murrini ~ isn't it lovely?

I don't have any new murrini beads that have been photographed yet for this week, so I decided to search out some other artists' handmade murrini.

Check out this amazing set of Under The Sea Murrini (above) by GlassArtEndeavors. I can't get over the clown fish! This set has everything you'd want in an aquarium bead, and the artist also gives examples of the murrini incorporated into beads.

And here are some really cool Little Skull murrini by JohnRizziGlassworks. His shop is filled with murrini blends, from pink flowers to peace signs, each one unique and just waiting to be pressed into a bead.