Friday, January 8, 2010


I started making turtle beads because my sister has pet turtles, and she kept asking me when I was going to make them already. So I finally tried one. And I loved it. They're a fairly basic sculptural bead to make because you start with a round bead that doesn't have to be shaped. But there are still the usual challenges of keeping parts of the bead out of the flame while you add features. The turtle above is one I made almost two years ago (like that flashy red background?). My turtle beads have evolved over time - I've experimented with colors and am now able to keep the eyeballs from melting into the head. They've even grown toes. The turtle below is a more recent creation.

My friend Eileen, of DorsetHillBeads has just started making turtle beads, and they are sweet! Meet Lucy. She's ready for love.

And I love this pink girlie turtle with her strategically placed heart. Plus, she's already wire-wrapped and ready to go.

And check out this new sea turtle in glassbead's shop. It would make a really cool pendant, and I expect it will be swimming out of her shop soon.


  1. as you know, your adorable little turtles got me hooked on your beads! i now have a critter zoo (i think with how many i have i can qualify for a zoo, LOL) made by maybeads! =)

  2. love the post lauren...thank you for featuring the LOVE turtles...they are fun to make and now i am hooked, thanks to you... ♥

  3. I love your turtles Lauren! (and you know how many I have!) They are what got me hooked on your beads as well. Kay

  4. Thanks for including my turtle! Love the colors in that first one!