Sunday, January 10, 2010

Murrini Monday

Oh Happy Day! I received my latest package of murrini from loriandkim last week, and I've been busy playing with it ever since. I got two packs of their new Valentine murrini called SWAK, and one pack of Spellbound. They are all wonderful! The butterfly above, however, is made with Glee murrini I bought a while back.

I had to use the pink and red flowery shaped murrini for owl eyes - it was inevitable. And check out the owl's backside.

Did you know that the way to a penguin's heart is through his stomach? At least it appears that way. This red and pink penguin is sporting my favorite heart from the SWAK murrini blend.

And here is that same pattern I used for the owl's eyes on the backside of this girlie turtle.

Here's some more Glee murrini in action - on a funky, bumpy heart.

Ever wonder what a fish would look like with human-like blue eyes? Now you don't have to.

And finally, what I thought would be a shoe-in for Etsy's front page - an owl in a chunky cowl, adorned with a lovely pieces of murrini as a button. It's still in my shop, so you never know, it could make the elusive front page yet.


  1. I LOVE the penguin! The fish is a little creepy, with that eye though. Great work, as always, Sis. : )

  2. OMG...I love murrini wonder you were excited to get your package in the mail...look at those eyes on the owl...thanks for sharing your awesome murrini...

  3. You've really caught the murrini fever haven't you? Good for you! Your work is exciting!