Sunday, January 24, 2010

Murrini Monday ~ On Sunday!

Murrini Monday is running on Sunday night this week due to a blog scheduling conflict tomorrow.

Boy did I have fun with my murrini this past week! And my turtles were the lucky benefactors of that fun.
Turtle butt murrini. Sometimes the murrini is placed just so. Not intentional.

The little turtle has fallen and he can't get up! Don't worry, I flipped him back up after the photo shoot. He's a tiny turtle with a pea green shell and lavender striped murrini topped with clear.

This turtle had murrini fever. She needed a bigger shell to support her murrini habit.

When murrini goes bad. I had this excellent idea for a googly eyed turtle using the red "O" murrini from my SWAK mix from loriandkim. Sadly, not all ideas are good ones. But luckily, my girls LOVE him, and he'll be added to their massive wonky bead collection.