Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mmmm, Popsicles

My daughter is going to a birthday party today. She and the birthday girl are very tight, and they share an intense love of popsicles. So much so that they even invented a secret language based on popsicles. So when I was browsing Old Navy a few weeks ago and saw this sweet popsicle t-shirt, I knew it would make the perfect present. It's even scratch-n-sniff! I bought two, so the girls could each have one. Then my daughter asked me to make her friend a popsicle bead. I wasn't so sure I could do it, so I went to my freezer for inspiration. There I found orange, grape and cherry popsicles, but when I spotted the red, white and blue rocket pops, I knew that would be the kind I'd make. Now we'll add a homemade card and we'll be all set.


  1. That is absolutely adorable -- and I'm wondering now what their secret language is like!!!

  2. I love it!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Tail Wags from me!!