Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridays are on Fire ~ Fire Diva Fritty Beads

One of my new favorite things to work with is frit. Frit is crushed glass, and it can be tiny or chunky. You can make your own by heating a rod of glass and then plunging it into water, where it will break up into little bits. But you can also purchase it, and there are lots of suppliers that make some fabulous frit blends. So when your bead is nice and hot, you just roll it in the frit and voila! You've added texture and depth and color . . . and it's different every time.

This blue pendant heart by Karen at giapet is covered in purple frit. I love what happens to the colors where Karen has stretched the bottom of the heart.

Frit takes on a different look over transparent glass. Amy from ahouston has a lot of fabulous fritty beads in her shop, including this one called Gypsy Skirt, where she paired a frit blend called Gypsy Skirt over medium transparent topaz.

Judith of icarusbeads shows how exquisite frit can be on beads. For Dreamtime Rolos, she sprinkled her beads with reactive clear frit, then encased them in clear. Talk about dreamy!

For this lovely lampwork glass fish bead, Laurie of glassbead added raku frit and gave it a swirl. The effect is really cool.

Susan Lambert calls this set simple, but the possibilities are endless with lampwork beads a bit of frit

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  1. Wow, great selection.
    Love all the beads :)
    Thanks for including my Dreamtime Rolos!