Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maybeads ~ Where are They Now?

To say I really appreciate my customers would be an absolute understatement. I couldn't keep creating if I didn't have customers who purchased my beads, which in turn allows me to buy more glass, gas, supplies and of course, murrini. And as any bead-maker will tell you, it's so cool to get pictures from your customers of your beads in action. Being a sculptural artist, I know many of my customers simply collect my beads. But when they are turned into something (even a conga line, like one of my funny Canadian customers has done), it's such a treat to see pics. So today I'm dedicating my blog space to some pictures I've received from customers recently.

This golden retriever big hole bead is sitting pretty on this fun and funky bracelet by Laura Farrell of Kanga-Leads. Check out the clasp - look familiar, dog owners? Talk about clever, Laura used a clasp from the handmade dog leads she also creates. The bracelet is in her Etsy shop, eXQUISITEcANINE.

These two little cows and the bats below travelled all the way to Canada to get their jewelry make-overs. Both sets have been wire-wrapped into fun, dangly earrings by Juno of Artistic Jewellery.

And look where this turtle and a couple accent beads get to hang out? They've been strung on a gorgeous, Tahitian-themed bracelet by Kathy of angelnik.

Even if you don't make anything out of my beads, and they're sitting on a shelf or under your computer or, say, forming a conga line, I'd love to see them! The beads above had to cross the border into Canada for some conga lessons. Katy, from LethargicLass, has them pretty well-trained.

So if you have ever purchased my beads and want to send me a picture of what they're up to now, I'd love to see them and post them here. Thanks Laura, Juno, Kathy and Katy!

If you've ever purchased beads from any of my fellow Fire Divas, I know they'd love to see what you've done with them as well.


  1. I think the conga line is a blast! And the goldren retriever bracelet just speaks to me...I have two of them pups and adore them. You have some very cleaver customers.

  2. Your beads are all over the place at my house - including on me!

  3. Wow! You have some wonderful customers! I love to see what people do with my beads, too!

  4. Thanks for showing the conga line :) I love the golden retriever bracelet... how fun!